Quienes Somos
ACTORES S.C.G. is a Colombian collective management organization (CMO) empowered, in the terms set forth in the Colombian Laws 23 of 1982 and 44 of 1993, to manage some of the actor´s rights in Colombia, specifically, the remuneration rights granted under Law 1403 of 2010 (Fanny Mikey Law) to audiovisual performers for the use or exploitation of their fixed performances, including the remuneration rights for communication to the public, as well as for the rental, or making available fixed performances in audiovisual works and recordings.
ACTORES S.C.G. was founded on August 3, 1987 by 42 members. Subsequently, the Law 1403 provided the legal framework for operations and with the advent of Resolution No. 275, on September 28, 2011 the Society was granted a license to operate. In December of that year, it began making its first distribution process.
Nowadays, ACTORES S.C.G. is part of Latin Artis, confederation where many other CMO from Iberoamérica are reunited.
We collect and distribute the remuneration rights in Colombia for communicating to the public, and making available, as well as rental of all the audiovisual works of our members in Colombia and abroad, helping them to improve their welfare and quality of life.
As a collective management organization (CMO) for audiovisual performers, we strive to set an example for Latin America because of our efficiency, transparency, clarity, technical rigor, international performance, and social programs for our members.