We manage some of the intellectual property rights for audiovisual performers in Colombia, specifically the remuneration right of communication to the public generated of an audiovisual performer's work. This right also applies to establishments open to the public whose purpose is to "generate profits or sales by entertaining consumers". The law provides that performers "shall in all cases preserve" this right, meaning that an audiovisual performer cannot waive it, either through contracts or any other agreement made with producers or channels.
ACTORES S.C.G. also manages the right of making available and rental of all the audiovisual works of the audiovisual performers who have worked on titles exploited in Colombia.
An audiovisual performer is the one who plays a main (lead actor), secondary or supporting role, that has been foreseen in the corresponding script of the audiovisual title.
Those who communicate to the public a fixed audiovisual performance are under an obligation to recognize this right. Communicating to the public in establishments open to the public must also be for profit and to stimulate consumption. Those under obligation to recognize this right include TV broadcasted channels, cinemas, cable operators, transportation companies, and establishments open to the public (hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc.).
Any actor, actress, or voiceover (bender) artist who can prove via video to have worked in at least one audiovisual performance that has been broadcasted.
Despite this, it’s important to notice that the Andean Decision No. 351, art 2, states that "Each Member Country shall grant the nationals of other countries protection no less favorable than that accorded to its own nationals in matters of copyright and neighboring rights". According to this, every artist and performer from any country around the world, has the right to be protected in Colombia just as any artist or performer from Colombia. If the audiovisual title is used in Colombia, the performers have the right to be remunerated for the acts described above. That’s why ACTORES S.C.G. represents and collects for every audiovisual performer that has worked in a title exploited in Colombia, regardless of their nationality and whether they are an official member or not.
All performers of legal age must present the following documents: personal details record form (provided by Actores S.C.G.), management contract (provided by Actores S.C.G.), photocopy of national ID, the fiscal document (tax document), known as RUT in Colombia, curriculum vitae specifying the titles they have worked in, and the characters they have represented (Filmography information), and a video proof where the artist can show a piece of the work he/she has done.
Our Members receive their corresponding share of the remuneration right for public communication. The members with political rights, may also participate in elections or be elected to the governing bodies (assembly, board of directors, and Supervisory Committee).
The money collected is distributed among members and subject to the following deductions:
1. Up to 20% is used to cover the Society's administrative costs. Since 2014 the law mandates that this amount cannot exceed 20%.
2. 10% is invested in social welfare programs.